For beginner artists, teachers, and parents who want to learn or help others learn how to draw

Learn or teach easy art with fun, ease, and confidence - like a superstar teacher, parent, or artist!

We’ve helped beginner artists of all ages easily improve their drawing skills with our library of over 1,500 step-by-step tutorials and printable worksheets.

And by using them, you can learn by yourself, help children learn better in class or at home, and save a ton of time and energy by getting all the drawing practice resources you need in one safe and easy-to-access online space.

Starting at only $4.95 / month.

You’re protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

"Firstly, thank you for your drawing guides. I use them to teach children to draw at all different levels and because they all have different interests, having a wide variety to choose from is great. I also recommend your website to parents for their kids."

Dear superstar teacher, parent, or artist,

Would you like to feel more confident teaching art to kids of all skill levels, with all the right resources and support that’ll make your job much easier?

Or would you like to spend more memorable, family bonding time with your kids — and teach them drawing skills with ease, using fun drawing resources and activities?

Or teach yourself to draw with easy, step-by-step instructions, and an almost unlimited library of drawing ideas and tutorials.

It’s no secret that learning to express yourself can be a challenge — but drawing can help you!

Drawing is such a powerful way to express yourself in your own way.

And what comes to kids... They love to draw! They love to learn, and love to be shown how! 

And with their innocent, child-like minds and how easily they soak up things they see around them.

It becomes very important to...

Learn and teach drawing in a way that’s safe, engaging, helps build confidence... and improve skills with ease

Many of the skills that children learn while they are young will last them a lifetime and help them grow up to be healthy, awesome adults.

And as a superstar teacher or parent in charge of teaching these kinds of skills, you play a major role in shaping some of their future success

It’s an important responsibility! One that you must do your best to carry out.

But the problem is kids don’t REALLY want to LEARN how to draw — they want to have fun!

Most of the time, children would rather watch a stimulating show on TV than put to work practicing a skill… no matter how useful it may be…

Well unless…

That skill just happens to be something they are STIMULATED by and VERY INTERESTED in.

So what if you could make drawing more fun, interesting and effective for kids while making it a lot easier for yourself to teach or learn?

What if you could make drawing easy and cool enough that your kids and students would WANT to learn and practice it on their own?

Having your students excel at drawing thanks to the teaching strategies and helpful resources you shared with them, would be an amazing feeling as a teacher.

And as a parent, wouldn’t it be amazing to help your child develop their artistic ability, problem-solving skills, creative thinking… all because you introduced them to drawing early, in a fun, creative, and interesting way?

Well, you can!

Your job as a teacher, parent, or artist can be made a lot easier and more effective when you use ready-made drawing resources and tutorials that are easy and fun to practice with.

And with the help of our extensive library of over 1,500 tutorials to cater to every interest that you or your child or students might have…

You’ll never run out of INTERESTING, EASY, FUN, and LOW-PRESSURE practice materials to help them build fundamental drawing skills, improve at their own pace and get a bit better every single day.

Practice with fun drawing tutorials… Help kids learn better... And bring out the hidden artistic abilities

If you’re a parent or teacher, you’re probably looking for variety and a wide selection of drawing materials to help you, your students or your kids draw better.

But as you’ve probably realized by now, finding these kinds of high-quality and helpful resources can be a hassle, with most of the free stuff you find costing you more in time and hassle than they are worth.

As a busy adult, life gets in the way — there simply isn’t enough time for everything.

And the last thing you’d want to be doing is spending countless hours, jumping from website to website searching for tutorials to work with.

It shouldn't be like this!

Drawing should be easy and fun, and so should the process of finding practice resources to help.

And this was one of the reasons why the Easy Drawing Guides website was founded.

To make it as easy and stress-free as possible for parents, teachers, and drawing enthusiasts to find as many easy tutorials and practice worksheets as they needed — in one safe and hassle-free space.

With the step-by-step tutorials in the Easy Drawing Guides membership, you’ll be able to:

Be seen as the superstar teacher who brings fun learning activities and helps his/her students unleash their full artistic potential.

Teach your kids how to draw like a superstar parent without any formal training.

Learn to draw with easy, step-by-step instructions, and almost unlimited library of drawing ideas and tutorials.

Free up time you’d have spent looking for high-quality resources online, with a safe, engaging, and ad-free online space for you and your kids.

Save money you’d have spent paying for other online drawing resources without getting the kind of variety and quality that you want.

Help set your kids up to be creative, imaginative, problem-solving adults in the future.

Meet the brains behind Easy Drawing Guides!

Hello! I'm Rauno from Vancouver, Canada. I'm the founder of Easy Drawing Guides and I have a shocking confession to make...

I'm not very good at drawing!

But that is exactly why I started Easy Drawing Guides. I realized that I won't be improving my drawing without regular practice and fresh, inspiring drawing ideas.

The simple, step-by-step instructions have helped me to be successful at drawing, and I feel confident the tutorials and printables will help you too!

And while I'm not an artist myself, all drawing tutorials on Easy Drawing Guides are created by professional artists.

They’re designed to be fun, playful, and relaxed while still being challenging enough to develop your skills and help you improve.

The tutorials have helped thousands of users on our website, and I’m sure they’ll help you or your kids learn and stay motivated as they practice while making it easy for you to be a superstar teacher or parent as you teach them.


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Get instant access to thousands of printable pages.

You’re protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Beginner artists always have the best results when they have a clear and guided learning process to follow

At Easy Drawing Guides we believe that anyone can draw and improve their skills once they are practicing with the kind of helpful resources that are best suited to their needs.

That is why all our tutorials were designed both for newbies and children who need step-by-step guidance… as well as intermediates who’ve learned the basics and want more engaging resources to practice with.

Our tutorials have helped thousands of students improve their drawing skills and stay consistent with their love for art, with engaging, easy-to-draw tutorials.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Here is what some of our 800+ happy customers - parents, teachers, and artists - have said about our amazing tutorials

“Love this site! I’m teaching a camp for 6 – 10 y.o. children about drawing their own comic book. These instructional guides are GREAT for them. Thank you!”

“Allowed me to show students several different ways to look at drawing, and ways to break down the drawing process.”

"The tutorial is fabulous for my nine year old, she follows it to the letter." 

“Good techniques to learn drawing skills easier rather than other sites.” 

"This has really helped me improve my skills when it comes to details and proportioning. I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in drawing"

"I absolutely love that you provide different options and different levels for various ages."

Imagine this scenario...

As a teacher…

Imagine showing up to your class and watching the eyes of your super-motivated students light up as they eagerly await their next art lesson with you, their superstar teacher.

Imagine being able to show these kids… even the ones who previously thought they couldn’t even draw stick figures... how to express themselves and draw confidently at their level — as their parents smile in wonder and ask you how you did it.

As a parent...

Imagine the strong bonds, and happy memories you can create through drawing at home with your kids…as you nurture their budding artistic talents, and even bring out hidden creative abilities you didn’t know they had.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll experience as you leave your kids to draw on their own, in a safe ad-free space while you use your newfound free time to catch up with friends, focus on your hobbies and all the other stuff and people that are important to you.

You can do all of that and more when you have unlimited, stress-free access to over 1,500 printable worksheets and tutorial videos as an Easy Drawing Guides Member.

So what are you waiting for?

Get instant access to thousands of printable pages.

You’re protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our printables have been downloaded over 310,000 times and here are some drawings made with help of Easy Drawing Guides

The members-only library has printable instructions on a wide range of topics. You can learn to draw animals, people, anatomy, flowers, trees, fruits, food, landscapes, anime, and many, many other subjects.

Get instant access to thousands of printable pages.

You’re protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Who is an Easy Drawing Guides membership PERFECT for?

This is for parents who want to spend more quality time with their kids doing fun, educational, and memorable activities that your kids will look back on for many years to come.

This is for teachers who aren’t “master artists” but would like high-quality teaching materials that make their work easier for them and more impactful for their students.

This is for hobby artists who want to improve and relax with easy yet gratifying drawing instructions and find inspiration from our huge library of drawing tutorials.

This is for grandparents and parents looking for safe online resources to keep their kids busy while they’re not around without fear of malicious websites.

And if you love drawing and would like to improve your skills and share the love of the craft with budding minds in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step way…

...Then you will love the impressive selection of tutorials and printable worksheets you will find in the Easy Drawing Guides membership area.

Here’s what you get as an Easy Drawing Guides member

Inside the Easy Drawing Guides membership, you will get access to a wide selection of over 1,500 easy-to-follow, step-by-step printable PDF worksheets, as well as recommendations for what to draw, and all the tutorial videos completely ad-free.

For each tutorial you’ll find:

Step-by-Step Drawing Video

Each video tutorial follows a line-by-line, shape-by-shape method of drawing so that even a complete beginner can follow along with the tutorial and draw things they can be proud of without fear of making mistakes. All the tutorial videos can be accessed in the members’ area completely advertisement and distraction-free.

Step-by-Step Drawing Worksheet

Each tutorial comes with an accompanying PDF worksheet that helps budding artists of all skill levels follow along with the tutorial videos and practice the fundamental skills of breaking down seemingly complex drawings into simple shapes and drawing them step-by-step to create a beautiful piece of art.

Trace The Picture Worksheet

Inside each tutorial, there is also a trace-the-picture worksheet that lets you, even without much natural artistic ability, mimic the flow of pencil to paper when drawing. With enough practice, you will gradually master the hand-to-paper skills needed to draw while developing confidence in your skills along the way.

Follow The Grid Worksheet

For artists who have mastered tracing and hand-to-paper skills, the grid worksheet will help you practice yet another drawing concept. The art of getting proportion and placement right, so the drawings look as good as the images you’re trying to imitate.

Coloring Page

No drawing would be complete without a dash of color to spice it up and give it depth, character, and more fun. With the coloring pages included in our printable worksheets, you can practice yet another helpful skill and achieve a feeling of achievement or a reward, as you color in the beautiful drawing you’ve just made.

Altogether there are more than 5,000 pages of activity to keep you and your kids and students busy.

And were adding more every week!

The tutorials are based on simple drawings. They are beginner-friendly and grouped by topics and themes for easy access.

Topics include animals, plants, flowers, cars, superheroes, holiday-themed items, and many more.

No matter what interest you or your class or child may have, you’ll be able to find drawing tutorials that cater to their interests and needs.

You’ll also receive new tutorials every week, recommendations on things you can draw as well as all the tutorial videos completely ad-free.

But wait… there’s even more!

You also get bonuses worth $1090 when you join!

As a member of the Easy Drawing Guides, you also get immediate access to the following amazing bonuses.

47 drawing ebooks (and more are being added every month)

Collections of step-by-step drawing tutorials and coloring worksheets, grouped together to aid you, your child, or your students on their drawing journey. Each ebook has 20 to 100 step-by-step pictures with tutorials for them to draw.

With an ebook you allow your child or student to practice their skills, challenge themselves and measure their progress with a curated set of drawings, topics and themes they will be interested in.

There are ebooks for Animals, People, Buildings, Birds, Cats, Trees, Flowers, and many more. You get access to all 47+ ebooks completely free as an Easy Drawing guides member.

VALUE: $940

50 Roll and Draw drawing games

With these special worksheets, you can create different versions of a drawing to keep your drawing practice fresh and exciting.

Simply roll the dice and pick a feature from a drawing to recreate. Roll again and pick another feature from a DIFFERENT drawing. Keep rolling, and soon you’ll have different parts from different drawings — each roll of the dice can give you different facial features, clothes, or even the body shape to create a wholly different-looking drawing.

Great for games in class, and family fun time at home.

VALUE: $150

Custom drawing tutorial request

Feel free to search through the vast drawing tutorial library to find all the topics and printables you may need, and if for any reason you don't find the one you're looking for, don't worry. We can create it specifically for you at no charge.

Each member of Easy Drawing Guides is entitled to 1 Custom Tutorial Request of any drawing, topic or image of their choice.

VALUE: Priceless

Get instant access to thousands of printable pages.

You’re protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

You’re covered by our 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee!

When you join Easy Drawing Guides membership, we really want you to be happy and 100% satisfied with your purchase.

That's why your purchase is protected by a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

We're not happy if you're not happy! If you go through the member content and decide this is not right for you, just email our friendly customer support, and we'll have your refund heading your way in less than 48 hours.

See what a few of our satisfied members are saying about us

“Thanks! You make the impossible suddenly simple.” 

“I like the variety of characters available to draw. I also like the step-by-step part. It makes it easier for my students.” 

"Loved the clear instructions, perfect for my eight year old."

"Gets me out of my I can't thinking." 

“To get ideas and printable to use as warm-ups in my art classes” 

"To find drawings I can share with my Sabbath School class of children ages 4-10."

Ready to get started as an Easy Drawing Guides member?

Now it's time to make a decision. 

And you have 2 options! 

You can continue trying to find helpful, high-quality, beginner drawing tutorials with step-by-step printable worksheets on your own by spending your Saturday and Sunday nights on Pinterest… and YouTube.


You can join the Easy Drawing Guides membership RIGHT NOW for this really… really small cost.

Which if you think about how much you pay per month, actually comes down to just 23 cents per day — and you can save even more when you pay for a yearly membership.

For all that peace of mind, free time, confidence and ability to help your young kids express themselves and be the best they can be… 23 cents is really just a drop in the bucket.

You don’t have to worry or waste any more time, energy or unnecessary money anymore...

And because we want you to be happy, and take the stress and frustration of finding amazing drawing resources away from you... you can actually give it a try with our 100% no-questions asked guarantee totally risk-free TODAY!

The choice is yours, but I know you’ll make the right one.

Get instant access to the membership today

Get instant access to ALL printable worksheets, ebooks, and drawing games that have already helped over 800 members just like yourself to save time, get ideas, spend more time with your children, and get better at drawing.

Annual Membership


Yearly subscription

Instant access to 1,500+ drawing and coloring PDFs (over 5,000 pages of activities) (VALUE: $3,000)

47+ ebooks (more added every month) (VALUE $940)

50 Roll and Draw games (VALUE: $150)

Custom drawing request (VALUE: Priceless)

Receive new drawing ideas, tutorials, and printables every weekday

TOTAL VALUE = $4,090. Get started today for just $29.95 per year!

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Monthly Membership


Monthly subscription

Instant access to 1,500+ drawing and coloring PDFs (over 5,000 pages of activities) (VALUE: $3,000)

47+ ebooks (more added every month) (VALUE $940)

50 Roll and Draw games (VALUE: $150)

Custom drawing request (VALUE: Priceless)

Receive new drawing ideas, tutorials, and printables every weekday

TOTAL VALUE = $4,090. Get started today for just $4.95 per month!

No commitments - cancel any time in 2 clicks

Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee!​

All prices in US dollars

Do you have additional questions?

Can you tell me exactly what's in the membership area?

1,200+ high quality printable PDFs for all drawing tutorials. The printables include worksheets for step-by-step instructions, picture tracing, grid drawing, and coloring worksheets.

36+ released ebooks.

50 Choice Drawing tutorials and Roll and Draw games.  You can create different versions of a drawing with these worksheets.

All advertisements have been removed for members and the drawing videos are played from a safe, distraction-free service (not YouTube!).

Who is the membership suitable for?

Teachers looking for ready-made teaching resources.

Parents and grandparents looking for fun activities.

Anyone who wants to have fun drawing and coloring.

The tutorials are easy to follow and suitable for kids and beginners of any age and ability level.

Will you make a specific printable just for me?

Members can request new drawing guides and printables. (Note: Easy Drawing Guides website is for people of all ages from around the world. We want to keep the sites' content safe for all visitors and therefore will reserve the right of final decision if a topic idea is suitable for the site.)

How will I print my printables?

The printables PDF files can be viewed on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can print them like any document on your computer.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel at anytime on the My Account page.

If you cancel you will continue to have access for the time that has already been paid.

Can I get a refund?

Yes! We’d love to hear from you first, but if you feel sure we don’t have what you need, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Contact us if you’d like a refund at

I see your prices are in US dollars, but I live elsewhere. How does that work?

We have members from all over the globe, but we still had to choose one popular currency. If you want to get a more accurate idea for how much the fee is in your local currency, you can use a currency converter. Your credit card or PayPal will do the conversion for you when you pay.

Will I get an invoice?


Can I use my personal subscription plan to teach my classes?

Yes. You can make copies and use them in your classes. If you need multiple licenses for you school or organization, please see the school purchase order page for more information.

Can I buy a gift membership?

Yes. To buy a gift membership, please click here.

How can I make a purchase order for my school?

Please find the purchase order instructions on this page.

What will you get once you become a member

Video tutorials and printable worksheets you can print out for your class and give out as assignments with ease as a teacher.

Tutorials you can use to sit down with your kids and show them how to draw as a parent in a fun, engaging way.

Tutorials that give confidence and break down the process of making a beautiful drawing in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step way.

Tutorials that help you improve your drawing skill with a new and continuous source of NEW easy-to-draw tutorials.

Library of over 1,500 drawing topics with high-quality printable worksheets to match them.

Easily and effectively give your students assignments online or offline, using one of the step-by-step printable worksheets.

Get immediate access to the ultimate vault of easy drawing resources

Annual Membership


Yearly subscription

Instant access to 1,500+ drawing and coloring PDFs (over 5,000 pages of activities) (VALUE: $3,000)

47+ ebooks (more added every month) (VALUE $940)

50 Roll and Draw games (VALUE: $150)

Custom drawing request (VALUE: Priceless)

Receive new drawing ideas, tutorials, and printables every weekday

TOTAL VALUE = $4,090. Get started today for just $29.95 per year!

No commitments - cancel any time in 2 clicks

Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee!​

All prices in US dollars

Monthly Membership


Monthly subscription

Instant access to 1,500+ drawing and coloring PDFs (over 5,000 pages of activities) (VALUE: $3,000)

47+ ebooks (more added every month) (VALUE $940)

50 Roll and Draw games (VALUE: $150)

Custom drawing request (VALUE: Priceless)

Receive new drawing ideas, tutorials, and printables every weekday

TOTAL VALUE = $4,090. Get started today for just $4.95 per month!

No commitments - cancel any time in 2 clicks

Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee!​

All prices in US dollars

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